Battlefield team haalt inspiratie uit PUBG-succes

Het gigantische succes van PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is ook het team achter de Battlefield-reeks niet onopgemerkt gebleven. Andrew Wilson, CEO van EA, prijst de innovatie die het team achter PUBG heeft doorgevoerd. Ook complimenteert hij de Battle Royale-modus van Fortnite.

In terms of PUBG, I think what you discover in this industry is a lot of great vector that drive player engagement,

And one of those is just innovation in the core game play mechanic.

What the team with PUBG have done is really deliver a new level of innovation that changes the way people play first-person shooter games. And we are very respectful and complimentary what they have been able to do. We’ve seen that continue with Fortnite.

It’s clearly a mode of play that the global FPS population is interested in and given that we have some of the best shooters in the marketplace, you might expect that we are also thinking about new and innovative ways to play.

Wel liet hij weten dat ‘nieuwe, innovatieve manieren om Battlefield te kunnen spelen’ niet per se afgekeken gaan worden van PUBG’s succes.

Wilson was quick to point out innovative new ways to play Battlefield didn’t necessarily mean “PUBG replicas inside of the Battlefield universe.

But it does mean that our Battlefield team [are] looking at how they innovate in every aspect of the game including core gameplay and map design,

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    nee aub niet pubg is verre van een grafisch meesterwerk

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    Ik denk dat ze met ‘het succes van PUBG’ ook niet de graphics bedoelen, eerder het spelconcept an sich.