Veranderingen Ultra Street Fighter 4 onthuld

Er zijn inmiddels al zoveel re-releases van Street Fighter 4 verschenen dat wij de tel een beetje zijn kwijtgeraakt, maar dat neemt niet weg dat massa’s fans nu al reikhalzend uitkijken naar juni. Dan verschijnt namelijk het langverwachte Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Capcom heeft flink wat tweaks doorgevoerd in deze Ultra-versie en die worden hieronder uitgebreid uitgelegd. Verplichte kost voor professionele Street Fighter-spelers!

Red Focus
  • Costs 2 bars to use.
  • Command is MP+MK+LP.
  • Does 1.5x as much damage as a regular Focus Attack.
  • Level 1 will give hitstun. Level 2-3 will crumple opponent.
  • Can absorb any amount of hits. Level 1 and 2 work the same as regular Focus, that you can be counter hit while you’re moving in to attack. Level 3 has armor during the full attack duration.
  • While being hit during a red focus, you get twice as much Ultra gauge as during regular hits.

    EX Red Focus

  • Costs 3 bars to use.
  • It used by pressing MP+MK+LP to cancel a move during hit or block.
  • Damage is 1.5 as much as a regular Focus Attack.
  • Level 1-3 all crumple.
  • No armor.
  • As long as you hold the buttons, you will get double as much Ultra gauge as during regular hits.

    Delayed Wakeup

  • Is used by press two buttons at the same time right before you hit the ground (if it is delayed wakeup-able).
  • It extends your wakeup by 11 frames.
  • “Delayed Wakeup” will appear in text on the screen as a visual.

    Ultra Combo Double Notes

  • Ultra Combo Double scales your ultras so they won’t do 100%. Scaling is different between characters. E. Honda, Zangief, Dhalsim, Akuma, Cammy, Fei Long, Rose, T. Hawk, Makoto, Hakan and Hugo each do 60%, while all other characters will do 75%. There’s a little more that needs to be noted, which can be found below.
  • Gouken’s Denjin Hadouken does 75% damage, but only 65% stun.
  • Balrog’s Dirty Bull and Gen’s Shitenketsu (Mantis U2) does 75% damage and stun.
  • Juri’s Feng Shui Engine lasts for 900 frames if used with 100% gauge and Ultra Combo 1 selected. With 100% gauge and Ultra Combo Double selected, it lasts for 630 frames.
  • Elena’s Healing will heal 75% as much as usual when using Ultra Combo Double.
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