Nieuwe screenshots Halo 4: Castle Map Pack barsten van de zonnestralen

In april zal Halo 4 verrijkt worden met het Castle Map Pack. Ontwikkelaar 343 Industries heeft een drietal screenshots geplaatst die een idee geven wat we kunnen verwachten van de drie mappen Daybreak, Outcast en Perdition in de DLC.


Er werd daarnaast ook een omschrijving gegeven van de betreffende mappen:


Operation: Daybreak is effectively a cluster of ONI research facilities and sensor relays residing in the vast highlands of Saviron, on the blue-green planet Oban. With the destruction of so many worlds at the hands of the Covenant, this planet is now undergoing preparations to make it a home for millions of human refugees. In the meantime, the UNSC Navy continues to use it as a key staging ground for a number of highly classified military exercises.


One of the few worlds left unscathed by the Covenant, the remote outer colony of Talitsa has always had a strong anti-centralization and pro-colonial autonomy sentiment, even since before the war. The UNSC halted several early political uprisings in the colony’s major population centers, but this only fostered a more radical form of dissent, now in the form of secluded and heavily armed redoubts. Ultimately, these sites would provide the foundation for a number of major political movements.


New Carthage has always been a prime example of a healthy, growing colony, even since before the war. Hidden below the city of Pilvros, however, one of the thermal reactors which provided clean and safe energy in the past has now gone critical. While a large-scale evacuation effort is underway, scans of the reactor section are quickly acquired to help analysts determine the root cause of this impending disaster.

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    Toch wel weer zin in een nieuwe map pack gelukkig heb ik de DLC goedkoper dan normaal aangezien toen de tijd mijn pre-order 20 euro goedkoper was!

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    Ik heb halo 4 al een tijdje aan kant gezet, maar misschien dat ik deze map pack wel ga proberen.
    Hoop wel dat het grotere maps zijn voor BTB.