Nieuwe informatie en beelden van belangrijke personages in Far Cry 3

In een officieel persbericht van Ubisoft heeft de uitgever meer informatie onthuld over een tweetal belangrijke non-playable characters (NPC’s) in Far Cry 3. Het betreft hier twee opdrachtgevers genaamd Dennis en Citra. In eerdere speelsessie hebben we al kunnen ontdekken dat Dennis één van de eerste vriendelijke inwoners van Rook Island is die je tegen zult komen. Van Citra wisten tot voor kort veel minder.

In Ubisoft’s bericht werden de volgende, erg uitgebreide biografieën over de personages bijgeleverd:

Tigers, Pirates and sharks got you down? Help is on the way. Dennis Rogers is the ultimate guide to Rook Island. Not only does he know his way around, he can teach you to fight back. But Dennis is more than useful backup, he’s the key to the Path of the Warrior and the gateway to the mysterious Rakyat tribe at the heart of the jungle.
Born and raised in Liberia, Dennis was no stranger to war and poverty. Seeking a better life, he eventually left his homeland, immigrating to America. But ten years later, he left, disillusioned. He returned to Liberia, but discovered he no longer fit. He was lost. After drifting from job to job he found his way to Rook Island and Citra. He embraced the Rakyat cause and proved himself as a dedicated warrior.
Jason Brody will come to rely on Dennis, who saves him from certain death. Dennis sees great potential in Jason, teaching him to follow the path of the warrior, telling him with a knowing smile that, “The ways of the jungle and of war share a common ancestry. They are the drum beats of the human heart.”
But, it will be up to Jason to prove that he can deliver, rather than end up under Vaas’s knife.

Known to the Rakyat as their warrior priestess, goddess and their queen, Citra is cloaked in the mystery of old ritual. Only the warriors deep in the jungle have seen her, far fewer have spoken with her. Charismatic and beautiful, she hungers for the power denied her people by the pirates and privateers tearing apart her island. The destiny of the Rakyat has been foretold by those at the beginning of time and Citra will see that destiny fulfilled.
After her brother, Vaas, deserted the tribe to join the pirates, she vowed to crush him. Her warriors wage a fierce battle against the pirates daily. Never wavering in her resolve, Citra has ordered the execution of countless pirates. The Rakyat live to fight and she exists as the purest manifestation of the spirit. From atop her temple stronghold, she leads the charge.
When Jason is ready, Dennis will introduce him to Citra. She has the ability to unlock great power within him. The path will be plagued with danger, but if Jason wants to defeat Vaas, it may be the only way to come out on top. As he progresses, Citra sees more in him than a great warrior, she sees a kindred spirit.
Dennis is dus een opgewekte krijger die onze Jason kennis laat maken met The Path of the Warrior en is een sleutelfiguur in de Rakyat beweging, te het midden van de jungle. Citra is een opgehemelde godin, koningin en priester voor de Rakyat die sluimert in mysterie, maar later wel de zus van de beruchte antagonist Vaas blijkt te zijn.

Kunnen we de beschreven persoonlijkheden van deze twee opdrachtgevers een beetje terugvinden in de screenshots en artwork van Dennis en Citra?




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    Ziet er supervet uit!

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    Ziet er super mooi uit ik twijfel alleen nog of deze moet gaan halen.

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    Dennis doet me veel denken aan de eerste contract gever van Far Cry 2. 😮