Content Switch-versie God Eater 3 gelijk aan pc en PlayStation 4

God Eater 3 zal later dit jaar verschijnen voor de Nintendo Switch en fans van Nintendo hoeven niet te vrezen dat er grote verschillen zijn tussen de versies op pc en PlayStation 4. De ontwikkelaars laten weten dat de game identiek zal zijn aan de versies voor pc en PlayStation 4:

“Ever since we announced the title of the game, fans have been clamoring for a Switch version of God Eater 3. We heard many people say, ‘It’s tough/impossible to play this game at home on the TV for me’; ‘I want to play multiplayer with my friends in-person’; ‘I’m used to playing this game as a portable experience, so I want a portable version.’

Because of this, while we were working on developing the main game and the post-launch free updates, we had a separate team investigating the possibility of a port. We weighed the pros and cons of porting the game for a long time, but I’m happy to say that today we can finally confirm a Switch release for all the fans.

The contents of the game will be the same as the PS4 and Steam versions. In addition to this, we are adding special features unique to the Switch version, such as local co-op multiplayer.”

Eigenlijk krijgen Switch-eigenaren dus de definitieve versie van de game. Voor de Switch zal overigens wel exclusieve content verschijnen in de vorm van lokale co-op en de Tales of Vesperia-kostuums.

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