Transworld Snowboarding screenshots

Onder het motto “Een plaatje zegt meer dan 1000 woorden” wil Infogrames graag even laten zien wat Transworld snowboarding nou precies is.

Maar wie aan de 6000+ woorden hierboven nog niet genoeg heeft, Transworld Snowboarding is ook dit:

  • Drop into the pipe as one of 10 pro boarders such as Tina Basich, Barrett Christy, Andrew Crawford, Daniel Franck, Kevin Jones, Peter Line, Jussi Oksanen, Todd Richards, Nicola Thost and Wille Yli-Luoma.

  • Carve through 17 ultra-realistic snowboarding spots (modeled after actual sites in North America, Europe, and the Far East), offering 5 different event levels: Slopestyle, Backcountry, Halfpipe, Straight Jump and Boarder X.

  • Perform hundreds of grabs, spins, etc. and trick off of ice blocks, kickers, downed trees, cars, tables, rails, half-pipes, quarter-pipes and more.

  • Experience the incredible sensations of authentic board-handling physics as you fly through cliff drops, steep chutes, wide open bowls and monster terrain parks in big mountain and freestyle environments.

  • Signature grab and rail tricks for each pro rider allowing you to bust gravity-defying tricks that you couldn’t imagine yourself doing. Boost your adrenaline meter for bursts of speed and power.

  • The TransWorld stamp of approval – the most respected action sports content provider.

  • Exhaust yourself playing through 4 major game modes covering all snowboarding disciplines: Single Session, TransWorld Pro Tour, Freeride, and Multiplayer King of the Hill.

  • Be mesmerized by beautifully detailed weather and terrain effects, including thunder, lightning, fog, fire, snow spray and shadows.

  • Pump up a sick soundtrack featuring both licensed and original music. Plus, a special ripping function lets you record your own CDs onto the Xbox hardware.

  • View over 2 hours of snowboarding lifestyle and sponsor videos that will help you take your freestyling into the stratosphere!

Transworld Snowboarding voor de Xbox moet rond 12 november in de winkels liggen.

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