Comache 4 in de winkel

Nadat eerst de beperkte demo werd gepresenteerd is het eindproduct nu dan ook gereed voor verzending. Comanche 4 is het langverwachte nieuwe deel in, zoals Novalogic het noemt, “the best-selling military vehicle franchise of all time”.

“Designed to appeal to a broad cross-section of gamers, Comanche 4 re-introduces the concept of a ‘5-minute learning curve’ where gamers will be able to fly and fight right out of the box. Familiar keyboard/mouse or joystick controls help make this possible. The game also features throttle and rudder pedal support, first and third-person perspectives and a scalable flight model for greater technical control.

Comanche 4 combines stunning graphics with exciting gameplay. Water, trees and land react to the helicopter’s rotor wash throughout the interactive environments. Spectacular explosions greet the Comanche’s extreme firepower, consisting of a 20mm cannon, Hellfire and Stinger missiles and rockets. Six single-player campaigns challenge the player to protect a diplomat, support Delta Force operatives, attack warships and more.”

De bijgevoegde screenshots zien er in ieder geval bijzonder Yummie uit:

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