Nieuwe missie voor Operation Flaspoint

Afgelopen week kwam de demo van Operation Flashpoint uit. De demo is nu al uitermate populair en ze hebben hem al aardig ontleed. Hierdoor zijn er verschillende patches uitgekomen maar ook een compleet nieuwe missie!

They’ve examined the codes of OFP and figured out how to create a completly new mission.
The new mission is called “Real Ambush II”. Your mission is to Stop a Enemy Convoy going to a nearby city at all costs. The sun is just getting up at the moment you and your team are flying in with a Helicopter. You are there Commander and have the ability to control your 10 Teammates.

The enemy convoy isn’t very easy to stop, it contains several T72’s and BMP’s, so you’ll need to prepare your mission well and order your troups wisely behind trees or you won’t last 30 seconds….

Ga snel naar de Operation FLashpoint website en haal die missie op!

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