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Instinct: The German poet and playwright Schiller believes that “human beings are subject to the double bondage of spirit and material in their lives. In these bondages, ideals and freedom are lost. So people use the remaining spirit to create a free world It’s a game. This creative activity arises from human instincts.”rnrnRemaining energy: British philosopher Herbert Spencer believes that “after humans have completed the main task of maintaining and sustaining life, there is still remaining energy. The release of this remaining energy is the game. The game itself There is no utilitarian purpose, the game itself is the purpose of the game.”rnrnPractice theory: German biologist Gu Ruth believes that games are not activities without ends, and games are not related to real life. The game is a preparation activity for life in the future.rnrnCatharsis theory: Freud believes that games are an alternative to suppressed desires.rnrnCultural origin theory: John Heijinha believes that games are an inherent component of culture, and the spirit of competition and leisure represented by games promotes social development.rnhttps://www.superbestsite.comrnhttps://www.superbestsite.comrn

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