Devil May Cry 5 uitspelen kost je 15 uur

Devil May Cry 5 doorspelen gaat je, zelfs met de drie speelbare personages, rond de vijftien tot zestien uur kosten. Dat heeft director Hideaki Itsuno gedeeld tijdens een Q&A-sessie te Zuid-Korea.

Wil je ook de antwoorden op enkele van de andere vragen weten: Siliconera heeft de vragen en antwoorden naar het Engels vertaald.

Why does the story take place after Devil May Cry 2?
Hideaki Itsuno, Director: “You’ll understand why it takes place after Devil May Cry 2 after playing the game.”

What was some of the difficult parts about using the RE Engine?
Hideaki Itsuno: “The RE Engine was originally made for Resident Evil 7, so it was troublesome implementing the rough action that comes from a game like Devil May Cry. We put effort into the engine’s processing speed and enhanced performance.”

With there being three protagonists, about how long will its play time be?
Hideaki Itsuno: “Based on our development team, the total play time is around 15 to 16 hours.”

The visuals are close to that of DmC Devil May Cry, but can you tell us what’s next for DmC?
Hideaki Itsuno: “We went after a photorealistic look so it may appear that way, but we were actually going for something Hollywood-esque, like The Avengers. As for what’s next for DmC, it is hard to say.”

Will there be any additional playable characters?
Hideaki Itsuno: “Perhaps we can add more if there’s enough demand from fans.”

Are there any secret areas, items, monsters, or extra powerful monsters?
Hideaki Itsuno: “There are some secret weapons.”

Devil May Cry 5 verschijnt 8 maart 2019 op de PlayStation 4, Xbox One en pc. 7 februari verschijnt een nieuwe demo op de PlayStation 4 en Xbox One. Daarbij wordt de pc overgeslagen.

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