Path Finder-update No Man’s Sky brengt PS4 Pro-ondersteuning en nog veel meer

Het vorig jaar in de zomer verschenen No Man’s Sky had voor de release een ongekende hype om zich heen hangen, maar het spel van Hello Games wist voor velen niet de hooggespannen verwachtingen waar te maken. De kleine Britse studio is de afgelopen maanden druk bezig geweest om middels diverse grote updates No Man’s Sky verder uit te breiden.

Zo is er nu de Path Finder-update waarin onder meer ondersteuning voor de PlayStation 4 Pro wordt toegevoegd. Zoals je in de onderstaande patch notes kunt lezen, is dat echter bij lange na niet het enige. De Path Finder-update brengt namelijk ook grafische tweaks, gameplayverbeteringen en nieuwe content:

We’ve introduced a host of visual improvements, allowing you to explore the universe in even greater detail.

High and ultra resolution textures
More accurate Ambient Lighting
Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion
High contrast lighting effects
Crepuscular Rays from the Sun
Improved post-processing with several filter options
HDR mode for compatible monitors and televisions

Bases can now be shared online, allowing other players to discover and explore your outpost.
Steam Workshop integration allows players to upload their bases to the Workshop, making it easy for other players to discover, visit, rate and subscribe to your creations.

Use the enormous hanger in your Freighter to purchase and store your own collection of starships.
This is even more meaningful with the introduction of ship specialisation, classes and the ability to trade in previous ships against new purchases


Find and collect the perfect starship with new specialisations and classes.
Each starship has a specialisation (Shuttle, Fighter, Hauler or Explorer) that improves performance in specific areas.

Shuttles are all-rounders, Fighters specialise in combat, Haulers have expanded cargo holds and Explorer vessels feature increased warp capabilities
In addition to new ship types, all ships will now be class-rated: A, B, C or the ultra rare S class.
When purchasing a new ship, you’ll now be given the option to trade in your current ship for a discount.

PS4 Pro support has been enabled allowing 4K resolution gameplay. 4K rendering on PC has also been optimised. Together with visual improvements for all versions, No Man’s Sky has never looked better.

Master the surface of your home planet using new Exocraft. These land-based vehicles give new meaning to planetary navigation, combat and mining – and can be summoned from anywhere on the planet they were constructed upon.

The smallest Exocraft is the Nomad. What it may lack in cargo space, this hovercraft makes up for in speed, agility and its ability to glide over water
The mid-range Exocraft is the Roamer, a great all-rounder capable of quickly crossing rugged terrain and adapting to most situations
Finally, the Colossus is the largest of the Exocraft. This lumbering behemoth offers an enormous cargo hold perfect for those looking to harvest resources
Acquire Exocraft by hiring a Vy’keen Technician for your planetary base and completing a new series of missions:

Mount powerful mining lasers and harvest resources with far greater efficiency
High-intensity long-range scanners aid the discovery of distant buildings, objects and resources
Equip weapons and eliminate threats with increased firepower
Boost your vehicle’s speed with the acceleration module

Hone your driving skills by building your own race circuit on your home planet. Find the most interesting planet, create a time trial and challenge others to beat it.

Obtain the Race Initiator and place it inside your Base Building zone
Hop into your vehicle and drive the route you’d like to map out, dropping checkpoint markers anywhere on the planet
Once a circuit is complete, race the track over and over to set an unbeatable lap time
Players visiting your base via Base Sharing will be able to race using the circuit you created, challenging themselves against your split times.

Bovenstaande lijst is echter slechts een selectie van de wijzigingen die de Path Finder-update introduceert. Voor de volledige patch notes verwijzen we jullie door naar de website van Hello Games.

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