Ontwikkelaar: Gears of War 4 beta was een hele vroege versie

De beta van Gears of War 4 zal niet heel representatief zijn voor de uiteindelijke game zo laat ontwikkelaar The Coalition weten. Er is veel gebeurd in de afgelopen maanden sinds de beta. Eigenlijk zag het ontwikkelteam de game meer als een vroege pre-alpha, om maar aan te geven hoeveel werk er nog verricht is (en wordt) aan de definitieve versie.

In een bericht op de officiële website meldt men het volgende:

Though called a ‘Beta’, the Gears 4 Beta was at an early pre-Alpha stage of the project – a time where many of the final assets, animations, textures, audio and even gameplay elements are not in the game. Our Beta was at a very early stage of the project for us.
Men heeft ook een lijst vrijgegeven van diverse wijzigingen sinds de beta:
Weapons have been retuned with two side-by-side balance trees: Core and Competitive.
Active Reload is more powerful, but slower, in Competitive tuning.
All Power Weapons now support Active Reload.
The Gnasher has a shorter range in Core tuning.
The Hammerburst is now a 3 shot burst weapon and can outgun a Lancer at long range.
Dropshot explosion radius has been decreased.
Dropshot targeting laser now shows team colours.
Colour Blind support added.
Only one Frag Grenade may be tagged on a wall at once.
Wall-tagged Frag Grenades explosion delay increased allowing players to dodge damage.
Smoke Grenades produce less smoke with a shorter active effect.
Reduced firing delay after popping out of cover.
Cover “Back” A now works on left hand corners.
Cover “Up A” fixed so it no longer hits cover.
Improved Roadie Run camera with less roll but more shake.
Frame rate improved to “solid 60FPS”.
Added Ambient Occlusion and Capsule Shadows.
Improved shadow resolution and localised reflections.
Added “that unique architectural feel and detail that defines Gears”.
Lighting tweaked for colour and contrast.
Cover made “more interesting and detailed” and maps “more organic”.
Ground made “interesting, detailed and layered”.
Materials like metal, concrete and bricks made more varied and easily distinguishable.
Textures tuned for readability in both visuals and gameplay.
Maps updated to allow for overlapping fights and open sight lines, to encourage support play, positioning and fronts.
Opening spawns repositioned based on community feedback.
Secondary Weapon type added; one spawns on each side of the map.
Retro Lancer rebalanced as Secondary Weapon type with mid-range focus and shallow clip.
Gears of War 4 verschijnt 11 oktober voor de Xbox One en Windows 10.

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