Far Cry Primal day one patch voegt Expert Mode toe

Far Cry Primal is inmiddels te koop en Ubisoft heeft de game direct voorzien van een stevige day one patch. De patch brengt een hele lading verbeteringen met zich mee, maar ook voegt het een geheel nieuwe moeilijkheidsgraad toe: de Expert Mode.

Ubisoft laat weten dat deze nieuwe optie spelers echt tot het uiterste zal drijven:

The Expert Mode will go all out and push you to the limits of your ability. Expert Mode brings a bunch of changes to how the games works, which will truly test even the most hardcore player. From reduced player aim assists to smarter enemy AI, you’ll definitely need to be on top of your game to handle what Oros has to offer.
De patch is ongeveer 560 MB zwaar. Bekijk hieronder een volledig overzicht van de Expert Mode en alle overige aanpassingen. Lees meer over Far Cry Primal in onze uitgebreide review.
Expert Mode Changes:
Players’ health has been halved compared to Hard difficulty.
Reduced players aim assist.
AI shoots faster by 1/3
Enemies in combat are not shown on mini map by default (they appear only if they are tagged).
It takes the AI a longer time to “forget” you when you hide
The aim assist box is reduced for several weapon types (bow, club, spear)
The player damage is reduced

Other Fixes:

Stability & Performance
Optimization and stability have been improved
Improved lighting

Weapons & HUD
Improved reticle display

Wildlife & AI
Improved beast companion behavior
Fixed rare animation issues
Improved visual of the mammoth when it destroys objects
Improved animal fighting behavior when triggering a fight

Design & progression
Tweaked and balanced XP rewards
Tweaked the damage ratio of certain recipes
Improved overall balancing

Improved animations of weapons on fire
Fixed issues with lit weapons during cinematics at night
Improved player navigation and small collision issues
Improved camera transition and minor collision issues on cinematics

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