Titanfall DLC IMC Rising verschijnt morgen voor pc en Xbox One

Ontwikkelaar Respawn Entertainment heeft aangekondigd dat de derde uitbreiding van Titanfall, genaamd IMC Rising, morgen zal verschijnen voor de pc en Xbox One. Deze DLC is alweer de derde uitbreiding die Titanfall ontvangt en net als de vorige DLC voegt ook IMC Rising weer drie nieuwe mappen toe.

Hieronder vind je de formele omschrijvingen van de drie nieuwe mappen: Backwater, Zone 18 en Sand Trap.

  • Backwater: Backwater is defined by its elevation changes. The rice paddies give Titans room to dash and duel in open fields, but gaining the high ground in the center of the map is often the superior tactical option.
  • Zone 18: Zone 18 is a fast paced environment with two main sections divided by a central supply path. While many Pilots will seek the protection of the facility’s interior passages, others will take advantage of the long sight lines provided by the limited rooftop cover.
  • Sand Trap: In the center is a buried bunker inspired by the buried architecture in Fracture; this lets Titans stomp around above while pilots scurry below. Across the map are deep trenches that create a well-run highway for pilots; inspired by wall running in Rise they give quick and (relatively) safe routes across the map.
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