Nieuwe details patch 1.3 Star Wars: The Old Republic vrijgegeven

Sappige details over de nieuwe patch voor Star Wars: The Old Republic zijn zojuist bekendgemaakt door BioWare. Designer Daniel Erickson vertelde dat er Adaptive Gear en Augment Tables geïntroduceerd zullen worden.

1.3 brings a couple of big changes. First off is Adaptive Gear, which causes each piece of social gear to scale to the armour needs of the wearer. That means a heavy armour Sith Warrior can finally wear that slave outfit into a high level raid. In that same spirits of letting players wear what they want, the second big change is Augment Tables. Now any outfit in the game above green rarity can have an augment slot added to it via an Augment Table and a crafter-created kit.
Erickson vertelde dat er echter geen nieuwe armour sets geïntroduceerd zullen worden. De reden hiervoor is dat het ontwikkelen hiervan erg lastig is. Daarnaast zal het met de nieuwe patch mogelijk zijn om je armour bonussen te geven met Augments.
These augment slots were previously only available as a result of ‘crafting crits’. This is significant for crafters because it allows the itemization team to finally fully balance the game so that crafted gear is deeply tied to, and balanced firmly against, the gear you can get from other sources, including operations rewards. The fact that crafters are the primary source for augments also gives them a new crafted good that will suddenly be high in demand.
Er is momenteel nog geen releasedatum voor de update vrijgegeven. BioWare heeft wel toegezegd dat de ontwikkelingsperiode van patch 1.3 korter zal zijn dan die van patch 1.2.

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