Postal III patch uitgebracht

Chaoszaaiers opgelet! De knotsgekke game Postal III heeft een patch gekregen die een aantal foutjes moet oplossen. De patch wordt via Steam uitgebracht, dus zal deze automatisch gedownload worden. Benieuwd naar de changelog?

– Weapons badger correctly awarded after passing the mission “Robbery Bablomarketa” and “Battle Crotch”
– Improved combat AI in missions “Gay Rodeo” and “Gay Rodeo (police version)”
– Video “on Karma” is now playing after completing the mission “Robbery Bablomarketa”
– Increased aggressiveness of the enemies (they began to shoot more accurately and more)
– Improved performance at individual level
– Improved karma in a bad way
– Fixed a bug which caused the defeated bosses health bars sometimes postponed to the next level
– Fixed game, if at the end of the mission dude holding hostage
– Fixed a bug due to which the characters sometimes disappeared after pepper spray attack
– Added new replica dude in a suit on a mission to Crotch “Gay Rodeo”
– Many improvements mission “Prisoner without evidence”
– Improved logic behavior of the Taliban in the mission “The Motherland is in danger”
– Improved behavior of animals (cats and monkeys)
– Changed the music on the missions’ Porno-world “and” The Bodyguard Dzhennifer Walcott”
– Fixed incorrect position of buttons on some screens, the path selection
– The level of “Bridge to Paradise” now appears in the main menu twice
– Improved coverage of shrubs and trees
– Improved animation for reloading weapons Dude
– Improved behavior when the camera turned on multithreading
– Added mode “free ride”
– A lot less important fixes and improvements

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    wacht, was de game al uit dan? o.O en op steam dan nog wel? kben beetje verbaasd xP

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    huh? is de game er al dan? waar kan ik hem kopen dan ?

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    Je kan Postal III hier kopen.

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    Dacht alweer dat er Portal III stond 😆

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    baal echt van mijn aankoop ik vind um zwaar tegenvallen 🙁

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    Senzanome schreef, "Dacht alweer dat er Portal III stond 😆 "

    Ik ook weer 😛