Nieuwe info Faces of War-multiplayer

Vandaag heeft Ubisoft nieuwe informatie vrijgegeven rond hun laatste oorlogs RTS; Faces of War. De game zal maar liefst negen verschillende online modes gaan bevatten, waar tot maar liefst zestien spelers het tegelijk tegen elkaar op kunnen nemen. Behalve de standaard modes als Deathmatch en King of the Hill, zal de game ook veel originele spelstijlen bevatten. Voorbeelden zijn Chicken Hunt, Frontline en Stalker. Voor meer informatie en duidelijke uitleg over alle online modi, kun je Ubisoft’s informatie onderaan lezen.

Faces of War is een actie real-time strategie spel waarin je de leiding neemt over zes man in een volledig driedimensionale wereld. Deze wereld zou volgens Ubisoft volledig gesloopt kunnen worden. In Faces of War speel je zowel aan de Amerikaanse zijde, de Sovjet zijde alsmede de zijde van de Duitsers. In Faces of War zitten de beroemde veldslagen, van D-day tot aan de bestorming van Berlijn. Ubisoft belooft ons tevens een goede AI van de tegenstanders en bovendien een multiplayer waar maarliefst 16 man aan mee kunnen doen. En dan worden we enthousiast…

Faces of War komt uit in de zomer van dit jaar voor de PC.


    This mode allows to perform single campaigns together with several players (from 2 till 4). The units are fairly divided among the players. It is also allowed to give a part of one’s units to other players. In this mode the players’ soldiers don’t die at once as in the case of a one-player game. Another soldier can make an injection of morphine to a badly wounded partner in order to bring him to his senses.


    Games in the following multiplayer modes are held in the framework of rounds. The duration time of a round can be set when you create a game (standard time is 30 minutes). The player or a group of players are given points for successful actions (depending on the mode). The winner is the one who has more points at the end of the round. If the number of points turns out to be equal, you have a draw game.
    The number of players is 2 …16. 2…16.


    In this mode every player can fight for himself or the players can be divided into two teams. The points are given for elimination of enemies’ units (the number of points depends on unit type). At player’s option : you can choose infantry only or the whole set of equipment.


    The aim of the game is to keep one’s emplacements in one zone on the map (as a rule it is the top of a hill). You can play in teams as well as for yourself. The points are given for the time you manage to keep your emplacements.
    Infantry only.


    Team mode. There are several zones on the map you have to occupy and hold under your control. After takeover of your zone, in the centre you will see your flag. You get points as long as the flag is up. The more zones you control, the more points you receive.
    At player’s option : you can choose infantry only or the whole set of equipment.


    Team mode. The task of the first team (axis) is to lead a vehicle with a certain load through bases. The task of the second team (partisans) is either to eliminate the vehicle or to prevent it from getting on the territory of a base. The number of vehicles that the players have to drive in a round is set at the beginning of the game. If the task is fulfilled the axis wins the game or the other way around.
    Partisans: infantry only.
    Axis: the whole set of equipment.


    Team mode. On the map there is a strategical wood where there are many wonderful fat chickens. To cook lunch you have to get as many chickens as you can and bring them to the field-kitchen. You get points for each chicken. The player who gets more chickens in a round will be full and happy.
    Infantry only.


    Team mode. There are several emplacements where you can see some objects that appear at regular intervals on the map. You have to gather and bring them to your base. For each object you get one point.
    Infantry only.


    Team mode. There are several defence zones on the map. The task of the first team (offensive players) is to take by storm the defensive installations, the task of the second team is to prevent the first team from doing it. For the storm of every defence zone you have a limited period of time. The team of defenders has fixed resources but it can also use already established cannon and pillboxes on the map. Offensive players have larger resources of equipment and infantry, and their abilities increase with time. If the defence zone is occupied earlier than it was planned offensive players get a certain number of points, otherwise the team of defenders get these points.
    At player’s option : you can choose infantry only or the whole set of equipment. The sets of equipment and arming are different for the offensive players and the team of defenders.

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