Empire Earth II patch v.1.10 nu verkrijgbaar

Vivendi heeft een nieuwe patch voor MadDoc’s 3D RTS-game Empire Earth II vrijgegeven, deze brengt je game naar versie 1.10 en bevat een heleboel nieuwe fixes, verbeteringen van de gameplay, gamecrashes worden opgelost en ook een aantal nieuwe features krijg je bij deze nieuwe patch. De patch kun je onder andere vanaf 3D Gamers downloaden. Wat er precies allemaal veranderd is kun je hieronder vinden.


    – Addressed some lag issues.
    – Fixed AI’s not epoching up.
    – Added random epoch start/end setting.
    – Added hotkeys config dialog.
    – Game Pace can be saved/loaded.
    – Game Pace immobile defense modifier added.
    – Improved NAT negotiation
    – Fixed AI formation crash
    – KOTH and Hotspots can now be played on custom maps. Editor can make KOTH/Hotspots maps.
    – End of game stats can be saved.
    – Fixed crash upon completion of the game with an observer in game.
    – Fixed crash when building stockade in Conquest game.
    – Fixed crash when AI took over units after player resigned.
    – Fixed crash when running spies past Russian City Center in American 6.
    – Fixed crash when capturing building or unit with attack cursor over it.
    – Fixed crash when trees are placed on the left side or the bottom in Map Editor.
    – Fixed out of sync when observer epoched up after researching techs.
    – Fixed Hill being removed when owning player leaves.
    – Improved 56k modem hosting stability.
    – Fixed crash in Gamespy lobby when clicking rapidly through the rooms.
    – Fixed non progression in American 2 if Romagne and Cunel are taken at exactly the same time.
    – Fixed AI attacking roads for no reason.
    – Fixed Sweden not attempting to capture Berlin in German 5.
    – Fixed Livonians attacking blue even they are on same team in German 1.
    – Fixed AI not recapturing Hill in KotH games.
    – Fixed citizens all to going to one tree when assigned to harvest wood in Citizen Manager.
    – Fixed instances where not all heavy infantry will attack a building if large group given an order to attack.
    – Fixed instances where AI units will attack the capitol in Capitols and Allied Capitols games.
    – Fixed instances where AI wasn’t using Lost City when being attacked.
    – Fixed citizens not getting reassigned after building a farm.
    – Fixed instances where not all units are removed from player who loses game (Regicide).
    – Fixed AI taunting players that have been knocked out of the game and are observing.
    – Fixed instances where AI will use multiple spies to sabotage a building.
    – Corrected Teutonic Crusaders converting with rapid animation.
    – Corrected Medic’s accelerated animation when multiple medics are present.
    – Fixed citizens gathering food from dead animals using tree gathering animation.
    – Fixed instances where Oil Rig will not animate if built in full screen map.
    – Fixed citizens beginning animations and snap to end when save/loading.
    – Fixed instances where Net Fire Launcher plays pack up animation while unpacking.
    – Fixed planes being affected by weather before takeoff.
    – Fixed moving units reverting to moving with idle animation when game is saved then loaded.
    – Fixed Blackworth’s HERC shooting missiles from the back of its missile launchers.
    – Fixed fire and smoke on damaged buildings animating rapidly while in examine map mode.
    – Corrected Fusion Caster not rotating to match its firing direction.
    – Fixed instances where units walking through gates while off-camera will cause gates to show close animation.
    – Corrected Epoch 2 Trade cart movement animation.
    – Restored Trading Galleys’ death animation.
    – Improved visibility of fish through water on GeForce cards.
    – Corrected persisting “starburst” after EIFV explosion.
    – Corrected synchronized packing animation of multiple Mobile Rocket Launchers.
    – Corrected trajectory of EIFV missile launches.
    – Reduced Assault Tanks clipping while turning over hilly terrain.
    – Fixed Trebuchet projectiles bouncing off of top of screen.
    – Fixed truncated narration in Korea 7 ending cinematic.
    – Fixed instances where Ninja are incapable of performing Restore.
    – Fixed Italy acknowledging tribute of Venice when to a different player in German 8.
    – Fixed instances where construction Sites can be attacked, but not destroyed.
    – Fixed instances where computer opponents retain crowns after restarting a scenario.
    – Removed artillery and tanks’ ability to be garrisoned in wall towers.
    – Provided visibility for King’s Aura under influence of Lost City.
    – Corrected cost of wall tower upgrades in foreign territories.
    – Reduced sea trading vessels clipping through land.
    – Fixed Hill territory tributing message error in King of the Hill.
    – Reconciled Hades abilities in its tooltip.
    – Fixed artillery units moving before they are packed up.
    – Included Oil and Uranium gathering is not included in Resource Rights in Diplomacy
    – Citizens will now build when rally point is set on a construction site.
    – Removed player’s ability to attack a controlled King of the Hill monument.
    – Corrected attack cursor showing items under fog of war as valid targets.
    – Corrected Quickstart dock placement/substitution in different map types.
    – Improved garrison flag functionality.
    – Corrected unit facing behavior.
    – Improved map forestation.
    – Fixed boats shadows.
    – Fixed troops unloading when paratrooper plane is shot down over sea.
    – Improved Lost City functionality.
    – Fixed tributed units’ exemption from Border Permissions.
    – Fixed helicopters interfering with building construction.
    – Improved distribution of special resources on maps.
    – Corrected size of AA missiles at initial firing.
    – Corrected size of bombs from bombers at initial dropping.
    – Improved shadow alignment of vehicles on Very High and Extreme settings.
    – Fixed King’s Aura when garrisoned then ungarrisoned.
    – Corrected smoke trail on nuclear missile.
    – Fixed units not leaving tracks.
    – Corrected alpha issues with Workshop roof.
    – Fixed line distortions on water when using a GeForce card on the highest graphical settings.
    – Corrected alpha issues with Epoch 1 Barracks.
    – Corrected Epoch 13 Western City Center transparency issues.
    – Corrected walls appearing damaged when connecting to other wall.
    – Fixed Epoch 4-6: Western Female citizens not rendering silhouettes behind buildings.
    – Improved Citizen rendering during blizzard.
    – Fixed graphical issues with blue glow under bombers.
    – Fixed explosion graphic issues around Herc.
    – Fixed instances of bridges being visible in unexplored areas.
    – Fixed war plans extending beyond the bounds of the minimap.
    – Fixed triangular/rectangular shadow mismatch.
    – Fixed instances of trees disappearing when attacking with all troops and artillery.
    – Hooked up Wolf death animation.
    – Fixed MI-6 Agents ability to perform Restore.
    – Improved multiplayer ping updating.
    – Fixed timed treaties showing game timer, not treaty duration.
    – Fixed switching game types not being reflected on loading screen.
    – Fixed same territory being proposed to multiple players.
    – Fixed buildings from being captured from behind a wall.
    – Fixed assert when AI wins sole survivor game and host is observing.
    – Fixed icon_formation_Column warning.
    – Improved terrain leveling for building placement.
    – Fixed instances where building sites appear as critically damaged when loaded from a save game.
    – Added default filename for Skirmish and Multiplayer saved games.
    – Fixed aircraft looping engine noises when loading from a saved game.
    – Fixed instances where trying to ungarrison a unit that is blocked will warn all players.
    – Added “Missile Interception Successful” will be shown when launching your own missiles.
    – Added client notification if Co-Op Teams/Sole Survivor/Locked Teams is selected.
    – Fixed scroll bar resetting to top if someone types while chat history window is open.
    – Reduced continuous “You are under attack!” message to player when a building is being captured.
    – “Counter” button in multiplayer Diplomacy dialog now highlights on change
    – Nuclear missiles now appear on mini map.
    – Fixed Clear Chat Messages hotkey.
    – Increased text limit on chat messages.
    – Fixed assert while holding shift while patrolling.
    – Improved building placement behavior.
    – Made patrol point visibility more consistent for selected/unselected units.
    – Fixed error when clicking on units or UI as an observer.
    – Fixed team listing in Co-op multiplayer games.
    – Fixed units clipping through the ground when fleeing from a destroyed bridge.
    – Fixed dual projectile problem when Stone Thrower reloading.
    – Fixed collision radius on Western Citizens.
    – Fixed Scenario Information tabs highlight when moused over.
    – Fixed graphic anomaly when heavy missile helicopters fire.
    – Fixed instances where Missiles from aircraft circle around dock.
    – Fixed two cursors appearing in game if user logs in as a different user, then logs back into original account.
    – Fixes to text/UI truncation problems.
    – Scenario improvements.
    – Spelling corrections.


    – Resolved GameSpy lobby issues
    – Added autopatch functionality

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    jezus, zit het spel dan zoooo vol met bugs? mij nog niet opgevallen.

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    wat een gigantische lijst is dat 😮

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    Niet alle dingen in die lijst zijn bugs, er zitten ook veel improvements er door heen.