Dankzij Auran kun je toch nog op het virtuele spoor

Toen Microsoft in mei Train Simulator 2.0 afblies, leek het erop dat de fans van treinsimulaties weer achter hun schaalmodellen plaats moesten nemen. Voor die mensen heeft ontwikkelaar Auran goed nieuws: zij komt met Trainz Railway Simulator 2004.

De volgende features moeten Trainz Railway Simulator 2004 tot een hit maken:

  • As a driver you can immerse yourself in a totally realistic and interactive world. Choose from high-speed passenger runs, driving powerful steam classics, shunting cars in a busy industrial yard, or carefully navigating a 200-ton logging train down a steep mountain range.
  • Whether your passion is for steam, diesel or electric, you’ll find your favourite locomotives are represented in this fantastic simulator.
  • Now comes with passengers that alight and board at stations – doors open and close, and passengers can be seen inside carriages.
  • If you’re the yardmaster you’ll need to manage your drivers as they carry out their daily tasks. Ensure your trains are in the right place at the right time to keep pace with supply and demand from the interactive industries.
  • You can also become a route builder and create your own routes and virual worlds using the powerful but easy to use tools that come with the simulator.
  • When you’re the operations manager it’s your job to set industry production levels, commodity requirements and passenger schedules and create multiple task lists for your drivers in a few simple steps.

Trainz Railway Simulator wordt onder het label Just Trains van Just Flight Ltd, een leider in het ontwikkelen van simulaties, gepubliceerd. De releasedatum voor de game is 3 september 2004.

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