Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow AutoUpdate

Problemen met Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow online? De volgende keer dat je Xbox met het Live!-netwerk verbindt niet meer. Ubisoft voert via de AutoUpdate de volgende fixes door:


  • increased communication quality in the lobby and now indicate who is talking in the lobby.
  • the player can now specify the language he or she wishes to speak when creating a game session. In optimatch results, Ubisoft displays the language the host selected and offers new optimatch criteria that lets players specify the desired language.
  • Ubisoft prevented the “Games in a Row” and “Revenge” parameter to be used in ranking mode.
  • When the host changes the game mode or the ranking option, we indicate this to the other players (the game mode is displayed in orange, the ranking icon blinks). This remains until the ready state is switched on again.
  • In-game, the game now adds a little up or down arrow to show whether an objective indicated by an Enhanced Reality icon is located below or above the player’s location.
  • The game now test if there is an opposite wall close enough before sticking a spy trap.

Main Bugs Fixed:

  • The game no longer displays a corrupt profile message when a profile is created in the offline part and then used in the online part. New profiles may now be used in both parts safely.
  • There was a temporary or complete freeze in-game when hacking a ND133 or at the end of a game. It’s now fixed.
  • When a player fell on the head of another player, he might have stayed frozen there for a few seconds. This has also been fixed.

Ranking Changes:

  • Ranking Levels have been recomputed using a linear system (100 points = 1 level). Players above 10,000 points are ranked AA. Players with negative points are ranked 0.
  • When a player leaves a game session, the game now gives a fixed and higher penalty (25, 50 or 100 depending on current scores). And penalties may be applied partially (as long as a player has some positive points in the current specific leader board). If the penalty cannot be applied completely, the remaining penalty is kept and will be applied next time. The ranking score board now contains more information:
    • Number of points lost during the game
    • Penalty applied (due to a disconnection at a previous game session)
    • Total number of points in the specific leaderboard (e.g. “spy in neutralization mode”)
    • Total number of points in overall leaderboard
    • The number of points lost or gained are computed using the overall leaderboard points.
    • We keep track of the number of penalties applied and display it in ranking details when reading from the overall leaderboard.
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    Hmmm…Handig. Eindelijk af van de foutmeldingen. 😉

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    Had je die dan? 😮

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    Nee, maar ze zeggen toch dat je van die sh*t afbent.
    Dan zeg ik gewoon handig, eindelijk van die foutmeldingen af.