Nemesis of the Roman Empire naar gold status!

Producent ‘Enlight’ heeft aangekondigd dat de game Nemesis of the Roman Empire vanaf 24 maart in gold status verkrijgbaar zal zijn voor de pc. De game zal $29,95 gaan kosten, wat omgerekent in Euro’s ongeveer 37,50 zal zijn. Het volgende bericht werd vrijgegeven:

Based on the award-winning original Celtic Kings: Rage of War, Nemesis of the Roman Empire will allow players to experience the most brutal battles of the Punic Wars, including the infamous campaigns of Hannibal the Great. Featuring epic missions, Nemesis of the Roman Empire casts players as one of four races; the Romans, Carthaginians, Gauls or Iberians. Inspired by the historical Punic Wars (264-146 B.C.), Nemesis of the Roman Empire also features the famous campaigns of Hannibal and Scipio Africanus. In addition, the game will contain two distinctive single-player campaigns, new terrain types, custom maps and special enhancements to the Celtic King engine. While remaining true to the game’s original concept, Nemesis of the Roman Empire incorporates real-time strategy and role-playing elements, offering players a unique experience in discovering a conflict that occurred over 2000 years ago

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