Project Wildfire Trans Am mod is uit !

De langverwachte roadracing mod van Project Wildfire voor Nascar Racing Season 2003 is uit !!

Ervaar een van de beste roadracing physics sets gecombineerd met een hoge kwaliteit mod, fantastische paints en multiplayer racing met 43 man tegelijk op een server.

Hier de lijst van features:

– Models: Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Viper, Ford Cobra Mustang, Jaguar XKR

– Vertex Damage and 10 Levels of Detail (LOD) providing excellent collision representation and graphical
detail while maximizing frame rates.

– Models are scaled so that collision detection is as accurately portrayed as possible for online
multiplayer games. Depending on latency, there may be slight morphing of one car into another before
physical contact is made.

– Trans Am “type” physics including different tire & aero models, weight, horsepower, torque, RPM’s,
suspension & steering geometry, and 6 speed gearbox.

– Trans Am cockpits including custom dashboard, gauges, switches, steering wheel, driver orientation,
mirror perspective, chassis/roll cage, shifter knob, ventilation hoses, and other cockpit items.

– Enhanced windshield reflections of objects in the cockpit. (Notice the translucent canisters reflecting
off the windshield)

– Two Selectable cockpits

– Manufacturer logo on the steering wheel depending on which make you drive.

– Ability to have separate wheel colors per model (Built into each model’s template.)

– Rollbar color is derived from the base template color.

– Wheels and BF Goodrich tires have multiple LOD’s to increase frame rates and are textured for low,
medium, and high speeds.

– Wheels and tires also have enhanced damage, white lettering can be rubbed off and tires look marred.

– Each model now has it’s own shiny map (Allows external light sources to display correctly on each model.
You will no longer see reflections on non-reflective surfaces)

– Enhanced exhaust flame textures

– Opponent Manager manufacturer labels appropriately named

– New Championship screen with your name displayed on the Cup when you win the season championship.

– Over 20 Trans Am series drivers and teams are represented. Additionally, more than 20 Project Wildfire
fictional and default multiplayer cars are provided.

– External PTA Mod Utility (Allows you to pick two versions of the engine and transmission sounds as well
as two different cockpits and starts the sim. Starting the sim without using the PTA Mod Utility will
retain the original NASCAR Cup sounds and use the default cockpit.)

– Pace Car: Convertible Camaro

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