Raven Shield patch 1.5

Het is al weer een tijdje gelden sinds de laatste patch, maar dat betekent niet dat er niets te fixen of verbeteren viel aan Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield voor de PC. Patch 1.50 is namelijk al weer in aantocht en deze patch deze gaat het volgende doen:

  • Added an Operative SDK.
  • CD-Keys stored in the registy are now encrypted.
  • Enhanced support for Athena Sword and future mission packs.
  • Fixed some problems related to the “Immediate Firing Animations” option. Including the 3 round burst animation that was not exactly representing the shooting of three rounds and the pump shotgun empty reload sound that was missing.
  • When connecting to PunkBuster enabled server, cancelling the connection then immediately re-trying to connect will generate various error messages.
  • Modified Raven Shield codes so that it won’t time out as easily when waiting for CD-Key authorisation.
  • Solved some problems related to switching players in coop mode that most often would result in crashes or other strange behaviours.
  • PunkBuster messages that are too long to fit on one line will wrap at the end of line to the second. Before they were simply truncated.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera could get stuck in a certain position from time to time, usually at the start of a round.
  • Fixed the case where “RavenShield” was displayed instead of the name of the map in the server list.
  • Fixed the intro videos that would still play even when the game was started through a game service like Ubi.com, GameSpy or the All Seeing Eye.
  • On a minimal install the intro Ubi logo was not played.

Als alles meezit dan is de patch dinsdag (09-12-2003) klaar.

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