Halo patch 1.03 bijna klaar

Nog heel even wachten en dan zal patch 1.03 verschijnen voor de PC-versie van Halo: Combat Evolved. De fixes en features zijn voornamelijk van multiplayeraard:


  • Anti team killing – Implemented server-configurable team-killing banning solution. Removed respawn penalty from person who gets team killed. Increased respawn time multiplier for team killing.
  • Assault mode role indicator – “Offense” or “Defense” will appear on the HUD indicating which role your team is on
  • Assault mode timer – A permanent countdown timer is displayed on the HUD showing the time left for that “round”
  • Assault mode flag hard reset option – The flag will reset automatically at the end of each “round”, even if it is being carried by someone.
  • Networking performance – Enhancement to player prediction
  • Persistent teams across mapcycle – Players will remain on the same team when a new map is started
  • Map quick restart – restarts any MP game – good for having all players start at the same time.
  • New in-game scoreboard – Displays players, kills, deaths, assists and ping
  • Increased chat text length – Chat length has been increased from 40 characters to 64 characters
  • Improved banned player detection – Banned players no longer appear in game for brief second before getting kicked out


  • Plasma grenades can no longer teleport on vehicles
  • Players standing on rock no longer experience “warping”
  • Teleporters no longer cause occasional camera out of sync
  • Cinematic speech bug with Audigy cards fixed
  • Game not starting with unsupported refresh rates fixed
  • “Telefraged” message is now displayed when a player is telefraged
  • Flashlight toggle bug in MP games fixed
  • Interrupting reload animation bug fixed

Dedicated Server:

  • Increased server name length – Server names can now be up to 63 characters in length
  • Expanded character set for server names – Server names can now contain extended punctuation and characters
  • RCON can now pass quotation marks to server – useful for turning on and off passwords
  • Fixed “-ip” for assigning which network card is used by the game
  • Fixed ability to restart a single instance of the server without restarting all instances

De patch is waarschijlijk op 8 december af.

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