Dead to Rights patch

In de game Dead to Rights zaten enkele foutjes met het openen van bepaalde dingen. Vandaag heeft Hip Games een patch gereleased, die deze kleine foutjes verhelpt.

    Hip Games has released a patch for The Bitmap Brothers’ console port of Namco’s action title Dead To Rights. Apparently it was not possible to complete the opening level/map on certain setups and this has now been adressed in this ‘Canister’ patch. If you don’t have any problems, no need to install this patch.

    This patch updates the North American Retail version of Dead To Rights to fix an issue with a small number of systems, whereby the tutorial chapter can not be completed. If you do not experience this problem, you do not need to install this patch.

De patch weegt 40Mb en is hier te downloaden.

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    Best wel Cool die Patch want ik hou van Patchen.