Eerste patch voor Hidden and Dangerous

Helaas, ook deel 2 van Hidden and Dangerous bevat enkele bugs. Toch is er al een nieuwe patch gereleased die hier op te downloaden is. De patch fixt:

– A bug involving changing the pose to ‘stand’ whilst in the tactical map has been fixed.
– A bug relating to displaying the Crosshair information for using a vehicle and then switching to the tactical mode has been fixed.
– Various problems with team commands menu have been fixed.
– The roll-menu for the Junkers 88 has been fixed.
– Various problems in first-person view while switching items have been fixed.
– Fixed – crash when destroying the aircraft parts boxes in Burma 1, then loading the game and destroying them again.
– Fixed – crash involving the motorcycle being destroyed.
– Player AI stealth bar now reacts when throwing grenades or shooting.
– Fixed – crash bug involving spotting a dead dog after loading a save game.
– The crosshair for tank machineguns has now been disabled.

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