Black Hawk Down patch

Novalogic heet een nieuwe patch gereleasd voor de teambased FPS Delta Force: Black Hawk Down. De update kreeg de naam v1.3.0.37 mee en lost nogal wat problemen op. Hier onder staan alle punten die worden gefixd.

 Added a performance indicator to NovaWorld.
 Added mod support for users. Players will be able to run mods thru NovaWorld.
 Added up to 50 player hosting capability for consumers.
 Fixed rapid firing issues for certain sniper rifles and shotguns.
 Fixed the quick reload of machine guns glitch.
 Helicopter rotor blades will now kill your character in multiplayer should you get too close. Reduced the number of active claymores per person from 8 to 2.
 This has been done to remove the ‘Field of Claymores’ issue.
 Removed the glowing white outline of all claymores.
 The “Auto Range” feature in sniper rifles and grenade launchers is now a server setting.
 The number of active smoke grenades has been reduced to 3, to clear up slowing the framerate on certain machines.
 We have fixed the crashing ibrowse issue some users have experienced.
 We have removed the cartwheel animation from the emote list due to glitch exploitation. This has been replaced with a new emote.

Klik hier voor de patch. De patch weegt 16Mb.

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