Onofficiele patch voor Anachronox

Ex-medewerker van ION Storm chinaman heeft een patch in elkaar gezet voor Anachronox. Zijn werk doet het volgende:

Most important code fixes:
– most crash bugs fixed (please, god)
– windows xp/2000 compatibility bugs fixed
– 3d sound card incompatabilities fixed
– dvdrom/cdrw copy protection incompatabilities fixed
– ability to play off hard drive
– “minimum” install mode working
– compatible with old savegames (even old savegames patch1 would break on)

Most important game fixes:
– new savegame, autosave system to replay your favorite cinematics, independent of “save slot” limitations, replaces “view cinematics” menu.
– taxi service in bricks to decrease walking around (once you’ve finished most of the bricks)
– hyrax quest fixed
– getting stuck in bricks elevator shaft fixed
– lots and lots of other major and minor gameplay bugs and typos fixed
– some reflective surfaces fixed

De patch is 6 MB groot en hier te vinden. Een discussie over de patch is hier gaande.

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