Unreal Tournament 2003 mod contest in aantocht

Modmakers opgelet: Epic-medewerker Steve Polge heeft het volgende bericht naar PlanetUnreal gestuurd:

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up about the upcoming mod contest.

Its going to be much bigger than the “Make something Unreal” contest for the original UT, with large cash prizes and a grand prize that includes an Unreal engine license. The contest will be announced once our lawyers sign off on the rules and we finalize the commitments from our sponsors (which is probably about a month away), and run in several phases culminating in the grand prize judging. There will be many categories, including large ones for best FPS mod and best non-FPS mod, a category for best real-time movie, several level categories, and categories for best mutators, best vehicles, best use of physics, best character models, sounds, and others.

Dit is ook goed nieuws voor alle kopers van Unreal Tournament 2003, die wel eens wat meer mods wilden zien, aangezien dit een flinke aansporing is voor modmakers.

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