Pool of Radiance update

De Vice President van Product Development van Ubisoft heeft in een open brief aan de gaming community aangegeven dat ze er momenteel alles aan doen om de problemen met Pool of Radiance op te lossen.

Een quote:
“Ubi Soft wishes to extend our sincere apologies for all frustration and inconvenience encountered by some of you who have purchased Pool of Radiance. I will take some time here to personally address the problems and to let you know we are working diligently to correct them as soon as possible.
The first point I will address has been expressed on several forums. Ubi Soft did not knowingly release a product that would not install or safely uninstall on people’s hardware or that is “beta” code. As you can imagine, it would be senseless for a software publisher to do so. The most common bug – inability to install on drives other than drive C – is simply a major mistake on the part of our staff in final testing and verification of the masters. This will be fixed imminently.”

De volledige brief staat op BluesNews

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