World War II Online patch

Op de WWII online website is versie 1.2.2 van deze online multiplayer game verkrijgbaar. In deze versie worden de volgende zaken gerepareerd:

  • Fixed the 9mm parabellum ammunition ballistic coefficient. This has been hard coded until a data release.
  • Fixed a candidate for the blue sky bug within the UI callback from shift esc.
  • Fixed a path error in the Settings.exe installer. This app will now run off of the Start menu correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where terrain collision was miscalculated and vehicles were falling through the terrain.
  • Added a redirect to return the player to the theater map if the facility screen init fails. This is another blue sky bug source.
  • Added code to disable ALT+TAB, ALT+ESC and CTRL+ESC keys in release mode. Depending upon the OS, this forces a re-focus back to WWIIOL.
  • Fixed an “off-by-one” bug that was causing the wrong parts of vehicles to take damage due to concussion hits.
  • Fixed CTD when loading the choke point list file.

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