Operation Flashpoint patch 1.10

Op de officiële website van Operation Flashpoint staat een vermelding van een nieuwe patch voor dit spel.

In deze patch zijn o.a. de volgende zaken nieuw:

  • Customised faces can now be inserted for use in multi-player games, in JPG format
  • Even small hand injuries now cause some weapon trembling
  • Heavy breathing will cause increased weapon trembling
  • A server can kick players from the “Players” dialog
  • A warning message box will be shown in the server briefing if all players are not ready
  • Blood now appears before an injury is critical

En zijn o.a. de volgende probleempunten verholpen:

  • Campaign – 03b Alert – Radio calls M113 ‘unknown’.
  • Campaign – 12 Spearhead – Spelling errors in briefing.
  • Campaign – 38 StatusQuo – Crash at Laruns.
  • Campaign – 38 StatusQuo – Spanish briefing
  • Watch and compass animations under hardware T&L.
  • Problems with compass and watch on re-trying a mission.
  • Graphical corruption with Voodoo 3s under Glide.
  • In-game resolution switches causing some graphical corruption with certain cards.
  • Spinning sight view with an unloaded rocket launcher on your back.

Meer info vindt je in de readme op de downloadpagina van de website. Ook de verschillende downloadmirrors staan hier vermeld.

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