SOF 2 interview @ VoodooExtreme

Jake Simpson heeft een interview gehad met VoodooExtreme over Soldier of Fortune 2. In dit interview wordt onder meer gesproken over de technologie van SOF2 en een kort stukje over de inbreng van John Mullins (de originele Soldier of Fortune):
Voodoo Extreme – Can you share any information about the story and missions planned in Soldier of Fortune 2? We assume that John will return as the protagonist.

Jake Simson – John is most assuredly returning. He’s such a nice guy, and such a wealth of resources and experience it would be silly not to. I have to say that because he’s standing behind me as I write this.

Seriously we are even basing a couple of the missions on situations he has found himself in over the course of his career. I won’t say which ones, or how much creative license we’ve taken with them, since that would spoil it. Suffice to say some of the events we are depicting have some basis in reality.

The main thrust of the story involves some Russian scientists that have developed a chemical weapon that after the fall of Communist Russia has made its way out into the world.

Het hele interview staat op VoodooExtreme en bevat nog meer weetjes en feiten over SOF2. Inmiddels heeft Jake Simpson alweer gereageerd op dit interview via zijn .plan file waarin hij corrigeerd dat ze niet begonnen zijn vanaf de 1.17 versie van de Q3 engine, maar vanaf de Team Arena variant.

Het is niet mogelijk om op dit bericht te reageren