Tribes 2 patch

Deze patch brengt jouw versie van Tribes 2 naar v22337 en doet onder andere het volgende:
**SIEGE GAMEPLAY CHANGE**: When attacking a base, you will see red waypoints on the generators. When those generators are destroyed, the waypoints will change to green. If the generators are repaired thereafter, they will return to red. If you are on the defender team, these colors are reversed (green normally, red if destroyed, green if repaired again). This will help teams coordinate attack and defense more easily.

**FLARE GREANDE GAMEPLAY CHANGE**: Each flare will only attract ONE missile now. When the missile hits the flare, the flare will be destroyed. Only the first missile fired after the flare is thrown will be fooled by that flare. Other missiles must be attracted by other flares in order to be avoided.

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