Patch voor Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter

Voor een game die pas net uit is, wordt er met deze patch al weer een heleboel gerepareerd. Van sommige bugs vraag ik me zelfs af hoe deze in de uiteindelijke productieversie terecht zijn gekomen. Een korte selectie:

– Fixed a problem with invisible stalkers attacking the party if the
difficulty is set to Insane in Lower Dorn’s Deep.
– Made some minor adjustments to the fight with Malavon in Lower Dorn’s Deep.
– Already-fatigued druids that hit 15th level and acquire “Timeless Body”
should now correctly be rid of their fatigue.
– Fixed a problem where monsters that were damaged by a thief’s sneak attack
could gain a +20 damage adjustment.
– Characters now receive the new class changes added in Heart of Winter when
the game is loaded so it is not necessary to level up first in order to get
– Fixed a graphic bug with the final Heart of Winter battle when using 24-bit
color in 2D.
– Some users reported a cutscene mode hang after completing the final Heart of
Winter battle, which has been fixed.
– Permissions set in multiplayer games were carrying over into the single
player game, which has been fixed.

De patch is te downloaden bij: en is 4.74 MB groot. Meer info vindt je op de officiële Icewind Dale website.

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